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Diane Gardner just guest starred on the amazing podcast, The Tax Professional Business Show, with Derek Woryn.


Diane Gardner comes with a long list of accomplishments and book titles. She talks on how a downturn in business motivated her to become a better, more strategic marketer and someone who now can talk into the dreaded microphone. She is proud of the tax savings she has saved her clients and shows it on a counter on her website. She also shares her information in every way technology allows including videos, mastermind groups and books.



Tame The Small Business Tax Beast with Diane Gardner



Diane Gardner just guest starred on the amazing podcast, Go For Launch, with Brandon Uttley


Taxes are a constant reality for small business owners. But instead of putting the fear of taxes up there with the fear of death—or avoiding the subject until you’re in trouble—it’s best to tame the small business tax beast head on with the help of a good coach.

In this episode of the Go For Launch podcast, Diane Gardner talks about important business tax issues. Known as Your Tax Coach, Diane specializes in saving small business owners between $5,000 and $50,000 per year in 60 minutes or less through proactive tax planning. She has saved her clients over $417,000 in taxes to date.

How to Stop Overpaying on Your Taxes with Diane Gardner



Diane Gardner just guest starred on the amazing podcast, Well Kept Wallet, with Deacon Hayes.


Here are some of the questions Diane answers in this episode:

  • What a Tax Coach is and how one can help you to maximize your deductions and therefore maximize your profit.
  •  Why selecting a tax professional is like dating and the attributes you should be looking for to land the right one.
  •  The main ways entrepreneurs overpay on their taxes, including writing their businesses under the wrong entity type, and how to mend it to start saving money.
  • Documenting your mileage information correctly by keeping written logs through your phone’s app, an Excel spreadsheet or other forms of documentation.
  • How to qualify for home office deductions by having a dedicated space in your home for your business.

A Story Of Making Something Amazing From Losing Almost Everything

Listen to this interview as Diane tells Erin of The Starters  Club about how she went from big city California to small town northern Idaho, with a change that could almost bring anyone to his or her knees. Instead she found her inner mindset and is making a difference in the business world as well. Hear Diane’s journey and what she’s learned while growing her successful business.

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Interview With Diane Gardner by the M&A Journey

Diane and Jim talk about Diane’s M&A journey …. from the mistakes she made selling her accounting practice in California to the wise choices she made when buying an accounting practice in Idaho.

JimCumbee-Diane Gardner


Main Questions Asked:

  • What made you want to sell?
  • Were you thinking about an exit when you started your firm in CA?
  • How did you determine valuation?
  • Were you thinking about an exit when you bought your new business?
  • How did you determine your valuation when you bought out your partner in Idaho?
  • Are systems the essence of what have done to prepare yourself to sell one day?
  • Tell us about your book you have coming out.


Books Available by Diane
Stop Overpaying Your Taxes
Stand Apart
Why Didn’t My CPA Tell Me That
Survival Guide to ObamaCare
The Ten Most Expensive Mistakes that Cost You Thousands

Co-Authoring A Book For Niche Authority

Diane Gardner interviewed by Jessica  Rhodes of Rhodes To Success Podcast


During this interview Diane talks about what a tax coach is, what books she has authored, and co-authoring a book for niche authority.



What is a tax coach and why should we find one for ourselves?
What do you mean by a co-author book and what is the process?
What is ‘lumpy mail’?
What is the process for writing your book and tips on getting content written?
Share about the relationship behind the scenes with your co-author
What is your advice as a tax coach?
What is the biggest tax mistakes people make?


Being an author is a great way to become an authority in your industry
Figure out what your ‘prime writing time’ is and stick to that schedule
Since your name is on the product you have to be careful who you partner with (make sure you’ve known them a while and trust them)
Do your research on your co-author to find out what their work ethic is and the quality of work they are producing
Always make clear on who is doing what work when in a partnership
Split the content with your co-author and commit to having chapters done by agreed upon dates

Are You Overpaying Your Taxes?

Diane Gardner Interviewed By Jim Palmer (The Newsletter Guru)


During this Podcast Diane discusses the big question, Are You Overpaying Your Taxes?

Main Questions Asked

  • What is a tax coach and why do small business owners and entrepreneurs need one?
  • What are the biggest mistakes you see entrepreneurs and small business owners make when it comes to tax?
  • How would a small business owner work with someone like yourself?
  • Are there any general rules about LLC versus S-CORP?
  • How does a business owner decide what type of business they should have?
  • If someone is a solopreneur, how do they decide at what point to get financial help?
  • What is the difference between tax preparation, tax projection and tax planning?

Key Lessons Learned

  • Billions of dollars are overpaid each year by small business owners due to not taking advantage of deductions
  • Less than common deductions can mean thousands of dollars each year on tax
  • A tax coach takes a look at your tax and financial information, conducts analysis and identifies areas where you are possibly overpaying taxes

Choosing The Right Business Entity and Tax Secrets Revealed Part 1

Diane Interviewed by Noble Crawford

In Part 1, Diane discusses the following topics:

  • Her Background 2:27
  • Biggest Mistakes When Establishing Your Business Entity 4:08
  • Sole-Proprietorship 5:49
  • Limited Liability Company 6:38
  • Corporations 7:51
  • LLC Types and Filing Options 9:01
  • Changing Entity Types 11:22
  • Considerations for Choosing An Entity Type 13:40
  • Tax Projection vs Tax Planning 15:34