Are You Overpaying On Taxes Each Quarter?

Whether you are in HVAC, Electrical, Construction, Plumbing, Landscaping, Restoration Work, Sewers, Roofing or another business in the service industry – you are going a mile a minute running your business, you look at the bottom line and think.

There must be bigger profits than THIS – I’m working like a dog – and so is my team.

You likely don’t have time at the end of the day after putting out fires, solving employee issues, hiring, marketing, and co-ordinating. You don’t have time to figure out HOW to spend less, but still have bigger profits without simply raising rates.

You aren’t sure how to make sense of the numbers, what accounting reports mean and how to leverage the data to optimize your results.

You almost gasp at tax time and wonder how on earth you can cut back the taxes you shell out – there must be ways to save on taxes, but you don’t know tax laws and how to figure that out.

And that’s okay – just know I have your back and can support you in 3 KEY AREAS:


Fix Systems, Turn Profits, Cut TaxesCut Taxes – We’ve helped businesses save over $4 million in taxes – and we can save you thousands!

Turn Profits – Using proven Profit First Principles, we’ll show you how to decrease expenses, leverage your services and increase profits.

Fix Systems – Systems means efficiency, more leads, more sales and less stress. With Fix This Next Strategies we’ll solve your biggest problems.

My team and I work with contractors day in and day out. We know your struggles, your expenses, how your business is run and we are the leading experts in tax planning and profit planning, systems and procedures to turn your business into a well oiled, money making machine that you love to work in!




In Fact, As Your Profit Coach I Have 3 Ways We Can Help: